Organic cotton range

Our 100% organic cotton range

There are no mills in New Zealand that weave cotton fabric,  so we have had to go off shore to get the quality fabric we need.  Some friends of ours have relatives who own and operate a small mill in Nepal. They make fabric from organic cotton.  The cotton is grown and harvested in Nepal and they use non-toxic dyes.  The icing on the cake is that they use some of their profits to support the education of village children!  So we are proud to associate ourselves with this business and absolutely love the quality of the fabric that we receive!

Scarf range

  • Infinity scarf (a.k.a cowl or closed loop scarf that can be three different lengths)
  • Common scarf (standard scarf, open)


  • Headband scarf (a thin and short looped scarf (no twist) which can be used as a scarf for children or as a headband/ear-warmer for adults)

Baby range

  • Baby wrap blanket – single layer light blanket that can be used to wrap baby up.